Who We Are?

FREIGHTAPP initiated its operations in 1998, and since then, the transportation and logistics industry has evolved into an integrated service provider landscape. In response to market demands, FREIGHTAPP has successfully incorporated a comprehensive array of services, encompassing Air, Ocean, Land, Brokerage, and Logistics, to establish dynamic and efficient supply chains. Originating from the Middle East, FREIGHTAPP has grown into a prominent Shipping and Freight Forwarding company in Dubai, a key global business gateway.
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Our commitment is centered on achieving service excellence for our customers and partners, enabling them to leverage cutting-edge technologies and best practices in the transportation industry. FREIGHTAPP stands as a leading logistics provider in the region, delivering specialized and bespoke freight management solutions to esteemed customers worldwide. Our objective is to emerge as a global leader in logistics, offering integrated supply chain solutions that consistently meet or exceed the diverse requirements of our global clientele through flexibility, reliability, and cost-effectiveness.
At FREIGHTAPP, we believe in recognizing the contributions of our employees through financial rewards, aligning with our ethos of responsible investment and accountability. As single-source providers with a flexible business model, we maintain a competitive edge by ensuring consistent door-to-door delivery worldwide for our clients. This approach has underpinned our remarkable success, propelling us to continuously expand our operations into new regional markets.
Our professional expertise and global agency network are continuously expanded and upgraded to ensure maximum customer satisfaction worldwide. As the "one-stop-shop" for all your transportation and logistics needs, we take pride in our customer care and our highly experienced professional team. Our commitment to implementing the latest operational procedures and systems has been instrumental in establishing our industry reputation.
Our comprehensive portfolio of international, domestic, and specialized services has enabled us to maintain excellent operational standards for our customers, solidifying our position as a leading logistics player in the region. We are relentless in our pursuit of enhancing our freight management skills and operational capabilities, empowering our professional team to further advance in the industry.
With our headquarters in Dubai, the logistics hub of the Middle East, our mission is to facilitate trade between the region and the rest of the world, leveraging our professional expertise and specialized global agency network. Through our associate offices and agency networks worldwide, we offer tailor-made and comprehensive logistical support to our valued customers across the globe. Whether it's by Sea, Air, or Land, our experienced and dynamic team is dedicated to meeting our customers' day-to-day logistics requirements.
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Dubai Office:

Deira, Port Saeed, Al Maktoum Road,
street No. 19a, Al Makateb Building,
Office No. 611 Dubai - UAE

Jebel Ali Free Zone :

Jebel Ali North Free Zone
Blue Shed Zone RA08
W/H: ZA01 - UAE

+971 58 5018739
+971 58 5708560

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