A Tribute to Mohammed Adeib Al Khouli, A Brilliant Mind and Caring Entrepreneur.

On March 1, 2023, my older half-brother, Mohammed Adeib Al Khouli, passed away at the age of 60. His sudden departure has left us with a deep sense of loss and sorrow.

Muhammad was a brilliant man, a true intellectual whose intellect and charm were impossible to ignore. He possessed an exceptional mind that was always active, always thinking, always curious. His vast knowledge and keen insight spanned across various industries, making him a valuable asset in the fields of logistics, transportation, and oil and gas.

What truly made Muhammad stand out was his ability to see the bigger picture. He had a unique talent for analyzing complex problems and coming up with innovative solutions that others had not thought of. His intelligence was coupled with a deep sense of empathy, making him a compassionate and caring person who always went above and beyond to help others.

Muhammad's entrepreneurial spirit was evident early on in his career. In 1982, he established his own company in Syria, under the name 
Intl For Transit & Transport, which specialized in logistics and transportation services. From 2002 until 2006, he worked as a Managing Director in Consolidated Shipping Services in the United Arab Emirates, which specialized in logistics and shipping services. He later expanded his business to Dubai, where he founded Heavy Lift in 2007.

Muhammad was one of the first men to work globally in the field of land transport in Syria, serving as the agent of the 
#Danzaz company and representing several foreign companies. In 2018, he returned to Syria to re-establish his company and enter the world of freight in the city of Tartous.

Sadly, Mohammed's life was cut short when he suffered a stroke on March 1, 2023. This tragic event took away a brilliant mind and a caring individual who will be deeply missed. His legacy will live on through the impact he made in his professional life and the memories he shared with those fortunate enough to have known him.
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