FREIGHTAPP - Casting Lubricants

FREIGHTAPP lubricants and coolants help our customers to produce excellent surface finishes with best tool-life to ensure consistent quality over long periods. Our range includes oil based, semi synthetic lubricants, synthetic lubricants, grinding fluids and metal stamping oils.

FREIGHTAPP offers complete range of casting lubricants designed for all major foundry processes. This includes lubricants for high pressure die casting, gravity casting and low pressure casting as well as plunger lubricants and various auxiliary lubricants such as startup-lubes and anti-welding lubes. Local and international casting manufacturers rely on FREIGHTAPP die cast emulsions, dispersions, graphite-based lubricants, insulating coatings, and high performance greases.

The broad product range covers applications from thick walled parts like engine blocks or gear boxes over large parts such as battery boxes to special products for complex thin walled parts such as structural components. Our products meet the highest standards - our latest series of casting lubricants for parts made of naturally hardening alloys yield best in class release properties while still providing excellent in results in downstream processes such as cleaning and pretreatment as well in terms of paint adhesion and adhesive bonding.

With special casting lubricants developed for micro-spray applications,
FREIGHTAPP helps customers to be at the forefront of innovation in the foundry by running their processes as efficiently and sustainably as possible.

Besides their best-in-class release properties, our high pressure die casting lubricants and high pressure casting release agents, are easy to handle, reduce casting porosities, offer outstanding corrosion protection of the dies and excellent biostability achieved by a new, innovative technology for bio-stabilization. This performance of this technology was successfully proven under extreme conditions in our recently developed first recyclable high pressure die casting lubricant.

FREIGHTAPP casting lubricants allow you to increase your productivity and to improve your part quality while meeting all the latest environmental norms and improving the safety of your workforce.

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