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You can read our complete Moving Overseas Shipping Guide, including the specific documentation, valuable tips and information related to moving overseas to/from the UAE.
Where can you ship Door-to-Door shipping services to/from the United Arab Emirates? If you’re shipping to or from any of the following origin/destinations, be sure to use our complete Door-to-Door shipping services to/from the United Arab Emirates.

  • Spain
  • United States
  • Belgium
  • Netherlands
  • China
  • Taiwan
  • Dominican Republic
  • Iraq
  • Egypt
Shipping FCL or LCL Door-to-Door to/from the United Arab Emirates (UAE)
In order to optimise your contracting needs for ocean freight transportation to/from the UAE, you should familiarize yourself with the two available shipping options: Full Container (FCL) and Shared Container (LCL). Selecting a full container is required for shippers or exporters whose volume of goods ranges from 11-25 Euro pallets or 10-20 standard pallets.
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Are you seeking reliable and real-time shipping and ocean freight quotes to and from the United Arab Emirates (UAE)? Looking for transparent shipping rates that avoid intermediaries so you save on costs and can track your maritime shipments more easily?

FREIGHTAPP provides instant, online quotes for any exporter or importer that needs door-to-door shipping to/from UAE. In under 20 seconds, our instant shipping rate engine will give you transparent pricing for door-to-door FCL and LCL shipments to and from the UAE.

Keep in mind the exploding increase of imports of manufactured products into the region.
Benefits of our Door-to-Door service to/from United Arab Emirates What do our Door-to-Door to/from UAE prices include?

Our online quote engine provides instant and transparent pricing on all international door-to-door ocean 
FREIGHTAPP as well as online tracking of your shipments.Moving Internationally to/from the United Arab Emirates Moving to the Dubai, Abu Dhabi or somewhere else within the United Arab Emirates (UAE)?

We recommend our online platform for international door-to-door shipments. Our transparent pricing engine will provide a real-time quote in under 15 seconds that will allow you to track your maritime shipment the entire way. You also have the option to choose door-to-port when shipping overseas to/from the UAE.

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Air Cargo has become increasingly important over the last years. As our customer you have the highest expectations regarding our service.
Thus when selecting our airlines we employ exclusively reliable and qualified partners who can fulfill our and more .. Read More
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As a result of its solid partnership with leading carriers, FREIGHTAPP offers flexibility in sea freight shipments, providing a more efficient, reliable service and complete visibility throughout the supply chain for direct and indirect shipments. Regardless of the size of your business, Read More
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Shipments by land is an essential transportation method within FREIGHTAPP’ comprehensive supply chain. We ensure reliable and efficient international and domestic transportation through our extended network, and Middle East Road network, utilizing top carriers, all ..Read More
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