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We work closely with our customers to help them understand the regulations and requirements specific to their shipments. If you are unsure about which regulations apply to you, please contact our Customer Service team to speak to a local Dangerous Goods expert.

Please note that dangerous goods shipments are subject to additional charges, and only shipments from approved customers will be accepted. Additionally, dangerous goods waste and munitions of war are prohibited substances and will not be accepted.
At FREIGHTAPP, we understand the importance of adhering to regulations and requirements when it comes to shipping dangerous goods. Our team has extensive knowledge and experience in handling approved dangerous goods, ensuring compliance with the relevant regulations.

To ensure that your shipments are fully compliant, we adhere to the following regulations:

IATA for air transport, applicable within all countries which work under the ICAO regulations and any airline under the IATA regulations.
ADR for road transport, applicable within all countries that have adopted the ADR convention in their legislation and additionally within Europe, the EU directives concerning the transport of Dangerous Goods (Dangerous Goods Safety Advisor).

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It's essential that shippers properly declare, package, and label dangerous goods to avoid harm to others and fines from authorities. If you're unsure if your product can be shipped as regular cargo, please consult with a Dangerous Goods Expert at FREIGHTAPP before shipping. Some items may be considered as dangerous when they are not, so you can avoid delays or stopped shipments by adding the words "Not Restricted" to your documentation when it applies.

If you need to ship dangerous goods via
FREIGHTAPP, please contact our Customer Service team for assistance.

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