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FREIGHTAPP provides reliable Project Cargo Services for heavy industrial equipment and oversized tools. Our project cargo services are highly specialized operations that require meticulous planning, care, and attention to detail. We take pride in providing intricate planning, management, and execution of your project through the supply chain to minimize difficulties. Our services cater to various industries including Oil & Gas, Energy, Construction, and Mining.

Our team of logistics experts and engineers work closely to design customized solutions that meet the unique requirements of your cargo. We understand that transporting project cargo can be challenging due to the size of the equipment and the limitations of conventional methods. Our team takes a comprehensive approach in studying and planning the best transportation method for your equipment. We ensure that your large equipment is transported quickly, efficiently, and safely, giving you peace of mind knowing that your cargo is in the hands of experts from your field and ours.
FREIGHTAPP is a leading project forwarder worldwide, with a focus on cooperating with high-class companies specialized in projects. Our experienced staff regularly handle oversize cargo, heavy lifts, and IMCO 1 cargo on a worldwide basis. We handle earthmoving machinery, cranes, energy plants, windmills, complete production lines and have successfully accomplished many projects on a door-to-door basis, including customs clearance, as well as discharging at site. For some projects, chartering and part-chartering may be necessary, and FREIGHTAPP can arrange the most suitable vessel depending on the type, amount, and destination of the cargo. We offer regular break bulk service from Europe, UAE, and China, making us a reliable partner for major European & Mediterranean shipping needs.
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At FREIGHTAPP, we specialize in complex cargo logistics and cover various countries worldwide with strong support from our global networks and managed offices throughout the Middle East. Our soft solution system offers our clients complete visibility and real-time tracking of the critical operations that special project cargo pass through. Trust us to provide you with the best possible project cargo services.
Complex equipment such as heavy lifts and oversize cargo require additional customs and local clearances and documents. With our extensive worldwide experience and reputation for compliance and excellence, FREIGHTAPP is your ideal partner in navigating these specific processes. Our team of extensively trained engineers and employees, along with our technical expertise, make us confident in managing and executing our cargo services. We work closely and professionally with you to analyze your project's requirements.

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Dubai Office:

Deira, Port Saeed, Al Maktoum Road,
street No. 19a, Al Makateb Building,
Office No. 611 Dubai - UAE

Jebel Ali Free Zone :

Jebel Ali North Free Zone
Blue Shed Zone RA08
W/H: ZA01 - UAE

+971 58 5018739
+971 58 5708560

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