About Us

FREIGHTAPP is a worldwide based network offering Logistics & Freight Forwarding services to clients all over the world through worldwide offices.
Established in 2020 as an international brand that is located worldwide, we are now one of the newest Freight Forwarding Powered by iOS, Android and the Web application with a supply chain that spans the global market. FREIGHT
APP anticipates the market’s needs and provides ground breaking solutions for each industry, covering various shipping methods and conditions.
APP is a non-assets organization, with close ties to worldwide suppliers, offering cost and logistics flexibility. Our offices covered a lot of cities maintain a global standard of superior quality and customer service, helping us fulfill our promise of expertise, flexibility and excellence.
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Our Application

We appreciate your confidence. As one of the oldest Middle eastern freight forwarder by improve FREIGHTAPP customer relationship management software, we pledge our continued commitment to enabling your success and delivering the benefits we expect from this field.
We encourage you to try out our app, and to share your feedback and experiences with us. We’d like to hear from all sides. As consumers, our interactions with and expectations of content are in constant flux. That’s what makes working in this business so dynamic—and hopefully what we present so engaging and a good benefits for all users. Download Today

Our Approach

FREIGHTAPP is one of the leading logistics providers in the region with specialized and tailor-made freight management solutions to its esteemed customers around the globe. Our impending goal is to emerge as a leading global logistics provider of integrated supply chain solutions by continuously meeting or excelling the diverse requirements of the global customers by flexibility, reliability and cost effectiveness…. Read More.
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Air Cargo has become increasingly important over the last years. As our customer you have the highest expectations regarding our service.
Thus when selecting our airlines we employ exclusively reliable and qualified partners who can fulfill our and more .. Read More
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As a result of its solid partnership with leading carriers, FreightApp offers flexibility in sea freight shipments, providing a more efficient, reliable service and complete visibility throughout the supply chain for direct and indirect shipments. Regardless of the size of your business, Read More
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Shipments by land is an essential transportation method within FreightApp’ comprehensive supply chain. We ensure reliable and efficient international and domestic transportation through our extended network, and Middle East Road network, utilizing top carriers, all ..Read More
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One of the main specialties of FreightApp is Door To Door Cargo Service Worldwide to Worldwide, From China, Asia, GCC and Europe to/From rest of the world.We have a professional team …..Read More.
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Customs Brokerage & Clearance FreightApp is a licensed Customs House Broker in nearly all its own locations of operations, and have been in license, … Read More.
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FreightApp owns and manages over 100,000 square feet of Warehousing space within its Operational centers and deals in various aspects of the supply chain, from simple storage & inventory management to packing & distribution…Read More.
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FreightApp started as a leading project forwarder in MIDDLE EAST by cooperate with the high class Companies specialized in Projects. Oversize cargo, heavy lifts and IMCO 1 cargo is handled regularly by the experienced staff on a worldwide basis. Earthmoving machinery, cranes, energy plants, windmills, complete production lines. Many projects have been accomplished on a door to door basis including customs clearance, as well as discharging at site. Chartering and part chartering may sometimes be necessary for some projects. FreightApp can arrange the most suitable vessel depending on the type, amount and destination of the cargo. Regular break bulk service . .. Read More
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Dependent on your destination we can arrange vehicle shipments via worldwide ports We can collect your vehicle from any address or you can save by delivering the car yourself to the nominated port of shipment. Read More
This is the preferred method for shipping high value vehicles and classic cars. We can collect your car from any address or you can opt to save and deliver the car yourself to our nominated depot. Alternatively we can arrange to deliver the container to your home and the container delivery vehicle will unload the container to ground level to enable the loading of the car. Read More
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More than 10.000 employees in 946 offices in 144 countries worldwide stand for connections to even the remotest corner of the world and guarantee you insider knowledge from specialists on location plus the best possible service.
In an interlinked world which does neither know day nor night, you need international partners whom you can rely on and who are always on spot where they are needed – like our employees and partners in the FreightApp network.
FreightApp is FIATA and IATA . . ..Read More
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Dubai Office:

Deira, Port Saeed, Al Maktoum Road, street No. 19a,
Al Makateb Building, Office No. 611
Dubai - United Arab Emirates

Jebel Ali Free Zone :

Jebel Ali North, Opp. To New West OSR,
Zone No. RA08 W/H No. ZA01
United Arab Emirates